Available to Enterprise Zi Plan Holders only

Time Shift Tool Using t Binary
This tool is used to time shift large volume data sets forward or backward using EMD-API

Step 1.
Create a directory called "fixed" in monitortype
>cd monitortype >mkdir fixed

Step 2. Copy t binary over from etc/ziscape/tools
# cp /etc/ziscape/tools/t .

Step 3.
Copy Raw data over from monitortype/data/SerailNumber into monitortype/fixed/
# cp -R monitortype/data/serialnumber
(ie. [fixed]# cp -R ../FS20140604 .)
Step 4.
Run t binary
# ./t serialnumber StartYYMMDDHHMMSS EndYYMMDDHHMMSS seconds
(ie [fixed]# ./t FS20140603 150627142000 151217170000 -10800)

Step 5.
Copy newly shifted raw files into original data location
Change directory to original data location
# cd monitortype/data/serialnumber
Copy newly processed data back to this location
cp monitortype/fixed/serialnumber/*.raw .

Step 6. The system will automatically run and process the newly timefixed data files back into the ZiScape database
Periodically check the status of the processed files
# ls -1 | wc -l

Step 7.
When the Processing is Done Move the serial number into a new directory or delete it
(ie. >mv FS20140602 done)